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1st Place

Sam Owilly

Pawa Farm

An innovative Virtual Agro-weather Advisory Platform to provide timely, relevant and usable weather and climate information to farmers. The information will include agronomic advisories modelled in line with the projected weather/climate conditions to enable farmers make informed decisions and improve farm management practices under conditions of climate risk. For more information click here.

2nd Place



WeFarm is a pioneering peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing platform for the world’s 500 million smallholder farmers with no internet. With WeFarm, farmers can access information on agriculture and climate change via SMS and receive crowdsourced information back from farmers around the world. WeFarm can also provide vital climate information and weather reports via SMS. For more information click here.

3rd Place

Grace Mativo

Kyamatu Climate Smart Village

The Kyamatu Climate Smart Village seeks to enhance community knowledge on basic climate information and access to localized climate information that will be used in making sustainable livelihood decisions for improved food security, water management and access to reliable energy sources. For more information click here.

Runner up

Eco Frontier

Eco Frontier Climate Smart Agriculture Resource Centre

Eco-Frontier has established a Climate Smart Agriculture Resource Centre aimed at providing a triple dividend for smallholders by:

  • Providing and communicating climate and weather information;
  • Serving as a demonstration and learning center for climate smart agriculture practice;
  • Providing leadership in the production of high value crops and linking informal value-chains to urban markets.

For more information click here.

Runner up

ATPS Network

Improving Climate Resilience and Land Productivity Using LandInfo Mobile App Technology

The LandInfo is a mobile application that allows users to capture point-specific data about soil types and climatic factors including temperature, rainfall, soil water capacity, aridity, and growing season length and be able to use such information to make informed decision on agricultural productivity, land use management and climate resilience. For more information click here.

Runner up

Mukingi CBO

Mukingi CBO Cereals, Pulses & Grass Seed Production Business

Climate variability and extremes makes dryland farming a risky venture for small-holder farmers in Kitui county.  Mukingi CBO aims to help farmers to interpret farming investments according to seasonal rainfall forecasts in order to maximise income and profitability. Our marketing strategy guided by climate information enables a hedging for the stabilisation of prices. For more information click here.

Runner up

Arafat Mukasa


Mobiaas is a mobile technology platform that provides comprehensive agrometeorological advisory services to poor and vulnerable communities, households, and individuals comprising of the poor, women, elderly, and those at risk of climatic change and extreme climatic conditions such as floods, diseases, drought, and landslides.

To find out more click here.

Runner up

Emayian Organization

Improving access to climate information with a view of enhancing pastoralism among the Maasai people

The objective of the project is to improve access to climate information to enhance pastoralism among the Maasai of Kajiado west Sub-County

The project seeks to obtain information from the meteorological department, translate it to local language and share it with pastoralists with a view to improving their livelihoods. For more information click here.

Runner up

Jacqueline Orme

'Drink-able solutions' - To predict and harvest rainfall

‘Drink-able solutions’ is a means of recording wind direction change which precedes heavy rainfall, coupled with rainwater harvesting via an L-shaped design of corrugated sheet metal roof. Weather prediction is based around the concept of an anemometer and roof mounted vane which relay the information by means of an illuminated display and alarm. For more information click here.

Runner up

Daniel Murgor

I-Farm System

I-Farm system is a web based interactive mobile phone application that increases the adaptive capacity of farmers through improved access to climate and weather information. The system informs farmers through mobile phone messages notifications on prevailing weather patterns, advisory alerts and best practices all geared towards supporting a farmer’s decision at the farm level. For more information click here.

Runner up

Flora Nzambuli

Flora & Partners Livestock Fattening Enterprises

Climate extremes (droughts and floods) occur interchangeably with varying frequency in Mutomo. The impacts of these extremes on livestock vary often leading to loss of livelihood and income. Flora and Partners Enterprise will acquire and fatten livestock (cattle, goats and chicken) at respective rainfall seasons guided by climate information in efforts to overcome the climate challenge. For more information click here.

Runner up

Green Belemy Africa

Climate Information for Improved Crop Production

Green Belemy Africa intends to introduce the use of climate information to make agriculture related decisions and help communities in Kenya adapt to climate effects. Training programs and seminars will be provided to farmers and farmer groups covering climate information relevant to specific crops. For more information click here.

Runner up

Climate Change Research & Advisory Centre

Visoi Ward Climate

Visoi Ward Climate Information Services aims to link climate information users with climate information providers in a system that enhances access to timely and highly practical information that is readily usable and relevant to their prevailing conditions. For more information click here.

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