1st Place – $200,000

Farmers Pride

Farmers Pride franchise model of agro dealers is providing rural smallholder farmers with timely and relevant farm inputs, services and climate information at affordable prices through comprehensive and innovative franchise model of agro dealers and uses demonstration farm model and mobile technology to train farmers on conservation agriculture and how to mitigate risks associated with climate change through demonstration farm training model and village agro dealer stores farmers are trained on climate smart agriculture practices. Farmers receive interpreted climate information and learn new ways to cope with challenges emanating from effects of climate change. New ways like planting of certified and drought resistant crops, conservation agriculture practices and use of lime based crop specific fertilizers that ensure healthy soils sustainability.

Interested in partnering? Contact:

Email: samuel.munguti@farmersprideafrica.com Cell: +254725718069

2nd Place – $75,000

Ukulima Tech

Ukulima Tech is an agribusiness company whose objective is to promote food security and sustainability. It developed the climate-smart agriculture initiative whose approach helps to transform and reorient agricultural systems to effectively support development and ensure food security in a changing climate by providing climate information service to promote delivery of accessible, timely and relevant climate related information that can support decision making in climate sensitive areas.

Interested in partnering? Contact:

Elizabeth Onyango, 254716774053, Email: eliz.onyango@gmail.com

3rd Place – $75,000


SmartAg improves resilience to Climate Change in Agriculture by delivering high-quality weather and agronomic data and intelligence to farmers, field officers and Ag-retailers in real-time and usable formats while at the same time providing a customizable and easy to use mobile-focused communication and survey platform using SMS, voice and USSD technologies. Our core services include: Climate/Weather Insights– SmartAg provides high resolution and localized weather data based on farm geolocation thus improved accuracy on forecasts and analyses of past trends. Agronomic Insights —SmartAg analyses stages of the crop using scientifically vetted agronomic models and raises alerts on pests and disease to look out for. Monitor your crop development from your phone/computer.Data Management & Communication—SmartAg manages your farmer data from a centralized location, collect data or run a survey in real time using USSD and SMS to reach farmers.

Interested in partnering? Contact:

Daniel Mbeyah

Email: info@smartag.co.ke Cell: +254 726 306 316

4th Place – $50,000

Akiporoo – M-SWECO

Akiporoo is an information innovation providing context-specific, timely, reliable & locally consumable weather forecasts and livelihood advisories to nomads and agro-pastoralists in Turkana County to help with Disaster Risk Reduction & Mitigation for resilience building. The initiative uses Face-to-Face methodology, group model & local structures to disseminate information on rainfall patterns, temperature, heat-waves, sunny intervals and (soil condition & moisture content for agro-pastoralists) at user-friendly fee. The main focus of the initiative are: disaster risk mitigation by enhancing the capacity of users to minimize risks; food security; rangeland management; violent conflicts over traditional grazing territories; and asset creation. Currently, it serves a total of 2139 beneficiaries who receive comprehensive weather updates on short and long term basis, tailored in native dialect & symbols on a weekly basis.

Interested in partnering? Contact:

Email: akigakinakamu@yahoo.com Cell: +254713443763

Runner Up – $35,000

LandInfo Mobile App (ATPSNet)

The LandInfo app is a community-driven mobile technology that enables users accurately and instantaneously access climatic and soil information at point-specific locations for decision-making on agricultural productivity, sustainable land-use management and climate change resilience mostly among vulnerable people. With information on monthly/annual rainfall and temperature distributions, elevation, longitude and latitude, soil water retention capacity, aridity index, length of growing periods of crops, soil type, etc., users (farmers, pastoralists, land-use planners, agricultural extension agents, etc.) are able to plan their farming enterprises on production, processing, marketing, management and utilization adequately to avoid losses due to climate variability and hence improve productivity and resilience.

Interested in partnering? Contact:

Dr Nicholas Ozor, Executive Director, African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS), 8th Floor, Chancery Building, P.O. Box 10081-00100, Nairobi, Kenya

Runner Up – $35,000

Weather and Climate Change Solution

The project uses mobile phone and tailored radio programs to relay real-time weather and climate information to enable small-scale farmers to make better farming decision adapt to changing growing conditions. The initiative also uses climate Ambassadors’ to provide agro metrological extension services at the village level. The community volunteers who are recruited from the community ,play a crucial role in the project as they serve as a link between the last mile user and provider of the weather information (COSDEP)to enable these CKU to fulfill this role successfully they were provided with training on understanding and interpreting weather information to the participating farmer groups. Through this strategy CKV have enabled to disseminate weather information and agro-services to over 3000 participating farmers enabling them to make key farming decisions and improve their yields.

Interested in partnering? Contact:

Email: cosdep@yahoo.com Cell: 0715563007| 0720144501

Runner Up – $35,000


This initiative aims at using existing farmer level structures as frameworks in increasing farmer access to and use of climate information for resilience building in an effort to increase agriculture production in Vihiga and Kakamega Counties. This is being realized through a unique model that integrates the initiative within existing public agriculture extension system, use of multiple and complementing channels for dissemination of weather forecasts, inclusion of agriculture advisories in the weather forecasts, building capacity among the farmers for increased demand for climate information, engagement with primary school children as influencers of uptake of weather information and most importantly reducing the gap between the suppliers/source of weather information and end users through strengthening of collaboration between ministry of agriculture and Meteorological department.

Interested in partnering? Contact:

Martin Kumbe, 0721263665, Email: martinkumbe72@mail.com, Sustainable Organic Farming and Development Initiatives (SOFDI), P.O. Box 316-50300, Maragoli, Vihiga County, Website: | www.sofdi.com


Nakuru County Climate Information Services

Well packaged climate information is especially useful in helping farmers to manage risks in what is already an exceptionally risky sector under which they operate and in reducing uncertainty that so often constrains their decision making. Our business idea involves linking climate information users with climate information providers in a system that enhances access to timely and highly practical information that is readily usable and relevant to their prevailing conditions. Our initiative is one that uses climate information to resolve the issue of accessibility and usage of the information by the vulnerable groups within Nakuru County. We deliver a holistic package of timely and usable climate related user information to the small scale farm holders for their informed decision making. Our climate information includes soil sampling and analysis, water harvesting, farm inputs, extension services, market information, energy harnessing (clean solar energy harvesting) and livestock breeding.

Interested in partnering? Contact:

Email: climateresearchandadvisory@gmail.com Cell: +254 722 338714 | 0722 262950



Karasha is a climate information dissemination service relaying climate information through Short Message Service (SMS) to the end users. This service addresses climate vulnerability, builds climate response capacity, manages climate risks, confronts climate change, reduces poverty and vulnerability through resilience to climate shocks, builds climate knowledge and capacity and promotes alternative livelihoods for the target community. Karasha is very pervasive in that it is a recent strategy for development that targets delivery of information to communities through the mobile phone. Short Message Service provides a new entry into communities and a new avenue for information dissemination. Karasha is a salient, accessible, legitimate, equitable and integrated channel of communication. It is user friendly, timely, accurate, reliable, easy to use, has depth of content and language benefits. It is also very interactive. It is focuses on the poor and vulnerable, has a high productive result-orientation and practicable for two-way communication.

Interested in partnering? Contact:

Tel. 0717 730 322

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