The Tekeleza Prize will be awarded to innovators that have helped their target community/ies use climate information to build their resilience to climate change. The competition opened on the 6th April 2016. The deadline for registration was the 28th February 2017 and the deadline for submission of the final report demonstrating results achieved is July 2018. The winners will receive cash prizes, with a maximum individual award of US$200,000.

To win the top prize you will need to reach a certain number of beneficiaries (to be agreed upon), demonstrate sustainability and show evidence and examples of how your initiative has benefited your vulnerable target community (in particular marginalised groups such as youth, elderly and disabled). Winning applicants will submit a report demonstrating impact from their initiative. This will be judged by an independent judging panel and verified by an independent verification team.

How to take part

To take part in the Tekeleza Prize you will need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1 – Eligibility Criteria

    Applicants should first review the eligibility criteria to ensure they/their organisation meets all the listed criteria.

  • Step 2 – Registration

    The applicant should then register online through the CIP website where they will have access to the application form.

  • Step 3 - Screening

    The application will be screened to ensure it meets the eligibility criteria. If it passes the applicant will be contacted to set up a meeting.

  • Step 4 - Implementation

    The applicant implements their initiative providing light touch reporting to CIP on a periodic basis to report on progress.

  • Step 5 - Reporting

    The applicant submits the final report by the deadline in June 2018 presenting the results achieved.

  • Step 6 - Judging

    The judging panel review the final report and evaluate it against sub criteria aligned to the evaluation criteria.

  • Step 7 - Verification

    If the applicant makes it to the top 6 their results will be verified by our verification team.

  • Step 8 – Award!

    Assuming a satisfactory outcome of the verification and due diligence process the applicant will be awarded a cash prize at the Tekeleza Award Ceremony!

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applications will be accepted from individuals or organisations. Applicants may be international, national, or local/community-based, but must have a bank account to take part.
  2. No Kenyan government organisation (at state or county level) can lead an application, but are encouraged to become partner with an eligible organisation. Individuals working for a government organisation can partner or participate as an individual (with permission from the government organisation).
  3. Initiatives must use climate information to help vulnerable people in Kenya tackle current as well as future climate risks.
  4. Initiatives must target the poorest and must help marginalized groups, such as women, the youth, and the disabled.
  5. Applicants must specify the population and geographical area in Kenya the initiative will target.
  6. Applicants agree to work with the prize management to define simple monitoring indicators and supply regular data against these.
  7. All applicants must adhere to the rules and regulations set out in the Terms and Conditions.

Evaluation Criteria


Overall weight

Benefit: Applications must demonstrate how many people the initiative has benefited, with a particular focus on the poorest and most vulnerable groups. The benefit will also be a function of the quality of the service provided.


Impact: Applications must demonstrate impact on the poorest and most vulnerable groups as a result of the initiative, particularly focusing on increased adaptive capacity in the face of climate risks.


Viability: Applications must show evidence of short and medium term viability of the initiative’s financial model.


Sustainability: Applications must demonstrate a potential for the initiative to be sustainable and replicable, both in terms of supporting adaptation to climate change, and in view of the initiative’s financial model.




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