Team Leader

Peter Oloo



Since its registration in Kenya as the national body for Social Entrepreneurs, Social Enterprise Society of Kenya (SESOK) has been driving the concept of social enterprises throughout the country. We have been the champion and key catalyst for the development of the social enterprise sector in the country and planning to expand this across the borders. We promote our members work and increase their visibility through our programs; website; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram and newsletter communications presence that advocates for member organizations and educates a broader audience about social enterprises. SESOK also gives her members a national outlook and platform to raise awareness for their work by giving them access to an online social enterprise Job and Events Board and Marketplace. Our programs evolved from an interest to use Social Innovations for Social Impact. We use the E4Impact Foundation principles of innovation and entrepreneurship to coach and mentor entrepreneurs who are addressing the problems of poverty. We focus on advancing social enterprises that are helping communities adapt to the damaging effects of climate disruption that are already under way. We are about advancing Social Enterprises and Building Climate Resilience to Solve Problems of Poverty at Scale.

We advance Social Enterprises in two ways: Developing strong pipelines of investment-ready social enterprisesand helping social enterprises better serve our members. There are many different forms of impact. We are committed to transparently measuring and reporting the impact of a social enterprise and the success of Social Enterprise Society of Kenya (SESOK).

Target Counties: Unspecified

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