Akingakin Akamu CBO

Team Leader

Rugar Rono


New initiative (start up)

Smart Weather Community (m-SWECO)is an initiative that intends to use mobile technology to provide contextualized and location based climate and weather information to pastoral and agropastoral, communities, NGOs that support growth of pastoral economy, government departments that provide extension services to pastoralists and insurance agencies that work with farmers on climate change in Turkana County.m-SWECO will take advantage of mobile SMS/Application which will require potential users to pay pocket-friendly subscription charges to share climate information in their locality while at the same time receive synthesized, instant weather information through their phones.

m-SWECO will also provide a platform for users to share their experiences on climate change, receive up-to-date weather data to help them plan their land preparation, seed varieties and where to find them, planting, harvesting, storage, marketing and pasture and water preservation and utilization. This information will be tailored and designed in native language (Ng’aturkana) that the locals can interpret and understand hence create meaning of their ecosystem. Use of SMS and mobile phone application, local radio station that broadcasts in vernacular will be the main platforms to convey weather and climate information. This initiative will use relationship building with community intermediaries who better understand and interpret local weather information that is responsive to the gender roles of men and women, boys and girls; age cohorts; education, health, and other demographic factors. m-SWECO seeks to build on asset based strategy to development of pastoral economy by involving the local community to enable pastoralists and agro-pastoralists gain access to timely, quality, reliable and cost-effective information that leverage traditional and scientific sources of climate information, taking into consideration past, present and forecast weather patterns to predict their effects on both short and long term periods. The initiative will encourage community participation in collecting, disseminating and receiving accurate and timely weather and climate information and develop monitoring tools that reflect upon local experiences about climate change. This will enhance interpretation and sharing of complex climate information that fits into their own contexts thus they can effectively comprehend their effects (positive and negative)and put in place measures to mitigate them.

m-SWECO will enhance learning opportunities through online extension services, market and prevailing market prices for their livestock and their products and surplus pasture. It will also enable the community to develop feedback mechanisms to raise their compliments| complaints and grievances about impacts of the initiative on climate change awareness. m-SWECO aims to reach out for the vulnerable members of the Turkana community (women, youth, disabled and the elderly) to be abreast of weather changes to avoid its debilitating consequences of extreme hunger, malnutrition, mutilated social networks, loss of prestige as livestock perishes and outbreak of diseases. The information made available in simplified standards will help pastoralists, as they move along migration roots, to identify and designate areas as wet and dry grazing zones to preserve pasture resources during rainy seasons in preparation for anticipated drought.
The outcome of the initiative is:
1. To provide quality and timely and locally consumable weather forecasting
2. To improve the use of weather data by and dissemination of climate information to local populations for disaster risk reduction
3. To heighten climate change awareness within the region
4. To scale up the initiative to permeate Turkana County and neighboring pastoral communities (Pokot, and Samburu). m-SWECO will work with the community by providing timely, accessible, reliable and cost-effective meteorological information and weather forecasts to help in building resilience and sustainable livelihoods that is currently devastated by climate shocks which destroy economic mainstay of the most vulnerable groups hence setting aback the development progress of the entire region.

Target Counties: Turkana

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