The CIP consists of two main Prizes. The Wazo prize which is now closed awarded applicants with innovative ideas about how to address the climate information challenge. The aim of this prize was to incentivise people/organisations to come up with innovative solutions. The Tekeleza Prize, which is currently live, is a results based prize. It will award large cash prize to those applicants that have demonstrated the biggest impact with their solution over the period of the prize. Applicants who enter this prize will be expected to provide evidence of the impact their idea has had which will be verified before the award is given.



The Tekeleza Prize is the largest prize offered by the CIP and will be awarded to applicants who have demonstrated how they have used climate information to develop an innovation which has helped target communities build their resilience to climate change.

Winners will have formed partnerships between communities, innovators and climate science providers and will be able demonstrate the greatest impact at community level over the course of the programme.This prize was launched April 2016.

The deadline to enter for the Tekeleza prize is now closed.



On the 6th April 2016, the Wazo Prize awarded the best submissions that outlined a business idea using climate information to develop a solution that will help the vulnerable adapt to climate variability and change. Submissions were judged by an independent panel. 

Thank you to our wonderful judges! Congratulations to our Wazo winners!

tambuaThe UK Aid funded Climate Information Prize awarded a recognitions prize (the Tambua Prize) in order to recognise the achievements of individuals/ organisations that are making climate information more accessible and usable by vulnerable communities in Kenya.

Congratulations to our Tambua winners!

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