Pawa Farm Innovation

Team Leader

Sam Owilly


New initiative (start up)

Pawa Farm System is an innovative virtual agro-weather advisory platform that seeks to provide timely, relevant, location specific and usable weather and climate information to farmers. The information will include agronomic advisories modelled in line with the projected weather/climate conditions to enable farmers to make informed decisions and improve farm management even under conditions of climate risk. The system provides farmers with a robust knowledge and information sharing platform to improve access to weather/climate information and agricultural knowledge to adopt climate smart agricultural practices. Pawa Farm system forms the nucleus of compatible and responsive adaptation and resilience practices. Through channeling out timely and reliable climate information the system bridges the awareness gap which has over the years contributed to slow and in many occasions inappropriate responses to climate hazards leading to maladaptation and even increased vulnerabilities.

Furthermore anchoring the system on an ICT platform leverages on the expanded digital space and technological transformation in agriculture. With an estimated 98% of Kenyans owning mobile phones and the increased internet infrastructure| the choice of a virtual platform makes Pawa Farm system a relevant and important mode of transferring agro-weather information and advisories.

More specifically the various virtual options offered through the system; Short Messaging Services based on USSD technology, Online Gateway and Geographical Information Systems provides a ray of options to the different categories of users including farmers with most basic phones. With the growing challenge of increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, Pawa Farm endeavors to ensure greater adaptation and resilience of farmer communities and their households by transforming them from weather watchers to informed, knowledgeable and confident climate smart producers. Pawa Farm remains a unique product with its capability to capture process and transform climate data into customized and useful information to the society. In addition, the system is self-regulating and also provides farmers with an interactive platform to share their experiences| link up with -input suppliers as well as markets for their products. Through this we build farmers local knowledge to improve their farm productivity and enhance adaptation and mitigate against climate risks.

Target Counties: Makueni

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