Team Leader

Arafat Mukasa


New initiative (startup)

Mobiaas is a network that utilizes mobile messaging and voice technology aiming at enhancing the adaptability and resilience of kakamega; poor and vulnerable communities whose livelihoods are highly sensitive to the impacts of climate change and extreme climatic events such as erratic heavy rainfall resulting into floods, landslides, and outbreak of diseases, as well as chronic effects of higher temperatures resulting into drought. This is through provision of customized, timely simple yet comprehendible weather forecasts and agro-meteorological advisory services to mainly the poor, elderly, women, youth, disabled, farmers and pastoralists to enable them make informed and proactive decisions for today and the future.

The platform acquires the weather forecasts using multi-model ensemble technique, from various sources, both scientific (from the Kenya Meteorological Department) and traditional (from the community weather station). The climate information is aggregated, organized, and analyzed by an algorithm and multi-disciplinary team. It is them sent out to the registered users in form of climate information and agro- meteorological advisory.

For example, early warning regarding forecasted drought will enable communities such as farmers be notified of the best crop seeds they need to plant which are tolerable to drought and high temperature. Furthermore| the agro- meteorological advisory provides them with the information on the best time to prepare their fields and plant their crops to leverage on the opportunity of speculated rainfall in the near future. Additionally, through Mobiaas Climate Insurance, we provide insurance schemes covering damage from specific perils due to climate change and extreme climatic events| through weather- index program that excludes the traditional task carried by insurance damage assessors.

Target Counties: Bungoma

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