Mukingi CIU CBO

Team Leader

Serah Kyalo



The initiative aims at incorporating different players within the process of development of gro-advisories and taking up of necessary urgent mitigation measures towards effects of climate change. Within the project Mikingu CBO will liase with different organizations both government and private in developing advisories to help our farmers in preparation for the rains expected within a certain season.

In addition to that we will enhance short messaging services offered by other departments on weather alerts to include more players and farmers so that the message can reach as many as possible. Through such initiative together with groups training and interpretation of advisories| we believe our farmers would be in a position to make informed decision on when to plant what to plant and the management aspects needed for optimum production of crops for food security. For livestock farmers| the initiative will allow them to make decision on management strategies to apply to mitigate against any side effect of climate change such as diseases and parasites management and fodder and pastures conservation.

The initiative which is there currently covers only few individuals (200 farmers) but with enhanced efforts this can be enhanced to cover around 20,000 farmers within the three sub counties Mukingi CBO is operating. The results are visible to those accessing information on weather and it’s our belief if enhanced it will promote food security in a food deficit County of Kitui. In conjunction with disseminating information on weather and right crop choice and methods of farming. Mukingi CBO will also be encouraging farmers to do on farm tree planting to boost the forest cover in our County and hence improve on water catchment

Target Counties: Kitui

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