Team Leader

Nicholas Ozor



The LandInfo mobile technology is a community-driven initiative that enables users to instantaneously access climatic and soil information and interprets them in the context of local conditions and values, including crop preferences for specific soils. The app is predicated on the lack of easily accessible, timely and accurate climatic and soil information to inform farm decision-making on production and management at site-specific locations. The African farming system is characterized by inadequate extension agents to provide advisory services to farmers (1:2500 in Africa and 1:400 in Europe) and hence new technologies that could complement the services of the extension agents to farmers will go a long way in improving agricultural productivity and increase their resilience capacity against climate change.

With LandInfo, users are able to target investments on land for specific purposes such as crop choices for specific soils based on prevailing climates. With knowledge on annual average rainfall and temperature distributions, aridity index, soil types, and water retention capacity among other features provided by the LandInfo, farmers are able to plan their farming enterprises adequately to avoid losses due to climate variability and hence improve productivity and resilience.

In response to the Tekeleza Prize our initiative will provide adds-on features into the LandInfo based on demand. We will scale-up and scale-out the LandInfo for adoption to new areas in Kenya. This will be achieved through intensified sensitization and capacity building programs for lead farmers and extension agents on the use of LandInfo in selected counties in Kenya. The LandInfo app was first piloted in Samburu County of north central Kenya. About 500 farmers, extension agents and technical agents of development agencies have participated during the pilot phase of LandInfo development and demonstrations between 2012 and 2014. The LandInfo app was developed through a partnership between the ATPS (as African lead) and USAID among other partners and launched in Kenya in April 2015. In April 2016 the LandInfo won the coveted Climate Information Prize (WAZO Prize) based on its outstanding contributions towards providing climate information services to farmers in Kenya. Since then, there have been increased patronages for our LandInfo app by governmental and nongovernmental bodies to either build the capacity of its personnel to use LandInfo or use LandInfo for other productive ventures.

Target Counties: Bungoma, Kakamega, Meru, Siaya

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