Urafiki Kenya

Team Leader

Joseph Lwannia


New initiative (start up)

Karasha is a mobile-phone enabled climate information delivery initiative that is part of the Syembeni Village Climate Smart Project. Through Karasha, farmers will be sensitised on the usefulness and availability of climate information. This will enable them understand the seasonal climate forecasts. This will also enable them understand when the seasonal rains start as well as how long the season would last and the variation within the season. Karasha will inform and alert farmers to anticipate any coming climate risk. To enable the initiative reach the target population, a mapping exercise will be undertaken in the area to capture the telephone numbers of the participating households. The initiative mainly targets women with climate information, with the aim of reducing the gender gap regarding access to climate information in arid areas that suffer low growth and productivity due to climate variability.

Target Counties: Makueni

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