Urafiki Kenya

Team Leader

Joseph Lwannia


New initiative (start up)

Karasha is a mobile-phone enabled climate information delivery initiative. It will be part of the Syembeni Village Climate Smart Project. The content partner will be Urafiki Kenya who own and operate the Kibwezi Resource Centre. A mapping exercise will be undertaken in the area to capture the telephone numbers of theparticipating households. Climate information will be analysed from two sets of data. The data will be collected and collated. A pilot project will gather the first data, through electronic listening reports of individual farmers. The second set will be based on manual feedback from the households. 50% of the households willbe asked at random to provide feedback on usability and effectiveness of the climate information provided and the benefits accrued after receiving that information.70% of the participants will be women. Based on this information, the project will measure the listening time of the farmer. The listening rate will be taken as an indicator of the value of the information. This information will be corroborated by a feedback survey to understand which information was most valued. A questionnaire will be sent out based on the voice messages received. It will be analyzed using a simple statistical method to determine what best will benefit the farmers. Karasha will reduce the gender gap in this arid area that suffers from low growth and productivity due to climate variability.

Target Counties: Makueni

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