What do you mean by ‘Climate Information’?

In this context, ‘climate information’ can include any information on average and extreme conditions of temperature, rainfall, wind, soil moisture and humidity, whether obtained from local or scientific sources. For the purposes of this prize, it includes short- term weather-related information as well as information covering periods of months, seasons and years.

How/where can I access Climate Information?

The Kenya Meteorological Department provides scientific meteorological and climatological services through their website. There are also other sources of science-based climate information on the internet. People and communities across Kenya also hold a wide range of climate information, e.g. in the form of seasonal rainfall indicators.

Who is the Climate Information Prize (CIP) meant for?

The CIP aims to attract eligible innovators with new ideas using climate information to develop innovative solutions that will help the vulnerable adapt to climate variability and change.

What kind of support can I expect to receive throughout the submission?

The Prize Team are happy to respond to any queries or clarifications you have about the prize and how it works.

Can I get in touch if I have a query on my submission?

Yes, you can contact us on info@climateinformationprize.org with any queries relating to the Prize.

Can I modify my submission if it is prior to the deadline?

You can withdraw your submission, modify and then resubmit as long as it is before the deadline 7th February 2016.

Who will be on the judging panel?

We will have an independent judging panel of industry experts. Staff associated with the prize will not be on the panel.

What does a ‘due diligence assessment’ entail?

The due diligence assessment is a simple background check to ensure your submission complies with the terms and conditions.

When will the results of the competition be communicated?

Results will be announced in March 2016.

Who is managing the competition?

The CIP is managed by Cardno Emerging Markets (EA) Ltd and Camco Advisory Services, under the Ideas to Impact Programme.

Where do the prize funds come from?

The prize is funded by the U.K. Department for International Development (DFID).

Is it possible to apply as a group?

Yes. With groups we will need to receive an agreement between all the parties that are part of the group before we pay out the financial award. However this agreement is only needed right at the end. We will then make the award to the group leader who is responsible for distributing the funds as per the agreement.

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