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Joram Mathenge



Climate information is an important contributor to agricultural development that is sustainable and resilient to the variations and changes in climate. Actors in agricultural value chains need information on weather for planning purposes but majority have limited accessibility to climate information. This translates to lack of awareness and appreciation of Climate Change causes and risks by the actors as well as untimely access to Weather and Climate Change adaptation advisory services. This has significant negative impacts on environment and agriculture in the country with a consequence of loss of biodiversity, increased food insecurity and increased risks such as floods and soil erosion.

The purpose of the initiative is to capacity build and creates awareness to value chain actors on climate change causes the risks that are posed and possible mitigation measures. It is visualized that the implementation of the concept will enhance access to weather and climate smart adaptation advisory services. Weather/climate smart advisories will be generated and disseminated to agricultural value chain actors through Participatory Scenario Planning by coming up with climate information that is relevant to peoples specific, practical, user-friendly and locally relevant. The information will be disseminated to value chain actors through multiple channels like Barazas, churches, schools, mobile phones, radio, and audiovisual media. Additionally, value chain actors with emphasis on the youth and women will be trained on how to access relevant climate information through various weather/climate information platforms using smart phones. To further improve on the accuracy of weather information collected| various weather station and rain gauges will be installed at strategic points in the county.

At the end of the implementation 60 groups (1800 actors) in Nyeri county will be assessing climate smart platforms through ICT, 30 members of the county assembly/executive synthesized on the importance of climate/weather information in planning| 60 stakeholders imparted with climate smart technologies 10,000 value chain actors reached with climate change/weather advisories, 30 rain gauges installed in schools and 4 automatic weather stations established. The project will cover the entire county.

Target Counties: Nyeri

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