Climate Information Pastoral Unit

Team Leader

Dibo Roba


New initiative (start up)

This initiative aims to enable its beneficiaries to understand the concept of climate change, causes and its impacts. This is targeted at Marsabit County where the main livelihood, livestock, is affected by changes in climatic conditions leading to death of livestock. The sensitisation of the pastoral community on climate information is to ensure that they are well prepared in case of drought, floods, strong winds or changes in temperature and hence improving their livelihoods through reduced impacts. Noteworthy, during severe drought, a large number of animals die and the vulnerable community members like elderly, those with disabilities, the sick and lactating mothers suffer the most. At the same time, when it rains, there are floods that result in destruction of homes, death of human beings and livestock. Droughts also cause extreme coldness due to drastic fall in temperatures as a result of rains resulting in death of livestock. This initiative will make the beneficiaries understand the impact of climate change, preparing them psychologically and equipping them with information to properly manage their livestock in terms of appropriate number based on land carrying capacity.

Target Counties: Marsabit

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