Eco Innovation Service

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Martin Kiyeng


New initiative (start up)

Sensitization of the pastoral community in Marsabit on climate change and its effects will help the beneficiaries to understand the concept of climate change, its causes and its impacts. In this Marsabit county the main livelihood (being livestock) are affected due to changes in weather which may often lead to deaths, especially for the elderly, disabled, sick and lactating mothers. When there is a heavy downfall, and flooding, much of the livestock die most of the livestock die, there is destruction of residential houses and hence some people become homeless.

This initiative will help the beneficiaries get a clear picture about when there is to be rainfall, enabling them to prepare psychologically and ensure their livestock are well managed (including a reduction in number and maintained according to land carrying capacity). Therefore when there is heavy rainfall the farmers or beneficiaries will protect their livestock against the rainfalls by putting them in well protected buildings, as well as the elderly and week. Around flood prone areas, ridges can be built to avoid damages caused and hence create safer places. With this climate information the residential houses can be well built with enough protection such that if there is strong wind the houses are not affected. Women are particularly vulnerable to severe drought in pastoral areas as they are the ones dealing with home affairs and small domestic animals. If their husbands go far away with the dry animals the women struggle to care for domestic animals as well as finding food for the elderly and children at home.

The importance of this sensitization of the pastoral community on climate information is to ensure that they are well prepared in case of drought, floods, strong wind or changes in temperature and hence improving their livelihoods through reduced impacts. Therefore it responds to the aim of Tekeleza since it focusses on improving the livelihoods in the nomads or pastoral community system through rotational/controlled grazing. This will be through radio shows or videos on negative effects of climate change.

Target Counties: Marsabit

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