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Climate variability and change presents the most serious global challenge of the 21st century. Africa is one of the regions that will be heavily impacted by climate change. Already many farming communities have to contend with shifting growing conditions for crops and struggle over scarce resources. Smallholder farmers who produce about half the global supply of food are the most impacted by climate change. The impacts of climate change on smallholder farmers often manifests in other socio-economic outcomes such as poor nutrition, health, and education, as well as a lack of access to basic services.

Eco-frontier is a Kenyan based social and environment enterprise that works with the resource-poor smallholder farmer in mind. Eco-frontier has established a Climate Smart Agriculture Resource Centre that is intended to serve as a knowledge, learning and demonstration center for climate smart agriculture in Kisumu County. The center seeks to empower smallholder farmers through:
1. Providing targeted climate information coupled with agro-advisories to smallholder farmers who will be empowered to plant high value crops
2. Enhancing uptake of urban agriculture for urban and peri-urban populations in the environs of Kisumu county
3. Leveraging informal agricultural value chains to meet urban demand for fresh produce.
4. Providing leadership in production aggregation and value addition of fresh fruit and vegetables from smallholder farmers and targeting the urban markets.

Target Counties: Kisumu

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