1. Grace Mativo

    I was humbled to interact with this great team. What an event that was.

  2. Boniface Akuku

    The event was excellently organised and planned

  3. Thank you Grace and Boniface and congratulations! More photos to come soon!

  4. Arafat Mukasa

    It was such a life-time opportunity and inspiring moment being part of the Climate Information Prize. The organizers, funders, partners and everyone involved in making the climate information prize a reality has done a wonderful job. The award ceremony was well organized, with all the details aesthetically well placed and coordinated. It is a competition worth participating in. Urge the rest of the climate smart innovators to take part in the Tekeleza prize…………..

  5. David Musa Matele

    That is my mum in the orange dress and she tells me they did very well with her team. Nicki keep up the good work and support for people like Flora Nzambuli…She s one in a trillion.

  6. Shadrack Odikara

    Thanks for organizing this event. And congratulations to the winners too. I enjoyed interacting with everyone in the event. Especially the winners. Thanks once again

  7. Sam Owilly

    Thanks to CIP. I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to go head – head with super brilliant minds motivated by the challenge of climate risk. There’s indeed no shortage of ideas to address this global threat. We know Information is power however timely,relevant and usable climate information grants absolute power towards adaptation and resilience. Pawa-Farm grants our farmers the absolute power to exercise their freedoms in decisions that transitions them from vulnerability to resilience.

  8. CIP – A well-articulated program culminating into an eventful and colorful day. Thanks to the CIP team. On behalf of all of us at the African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS), we sincerely appreciate the opportunity given us to showcase our award winning LandInfo mobile app.

  9. gabriel tito

    eye opening event

  10. Dr Daniel Murgor

    CIP – A timely well intentioned initiative that brings innovation to light. The event was colorful, fun and pitched at high note. The organizers are a strong team; very good work indeed, the partners thank you so much for providing this space to showcase ideas. Thank you for the participants and all the winners for making the day a success. I-farm system will continue to link and provide a feedback loop for farmers climate information providers and scientists.

  11. CIP- On behalf of Emayian Integrated Development Organization, thank you for giving us an opportunity to participate in this great event. The event was excellent and well coordinated with lots of fun. Thank you and keep up.

  12. Purity Mueni

    Thanks to CIP team for the well done job. It was a wonderful opportunity to interact with great minds with great ideas. On behalf of Flora & Partners livestock fattening enterprise we say Thank you.

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