Nano Investment G.

Team Leader

Okongo Orlale



CIMA is a mobile application that seeks to provide local farmers in Kiambu County with timely and relevant climate information to better help them adapt to climate change, build resilience and achieve sustainable livelihoods. The initiative plans to offer an interactive interface with weather icons that are easily identifiable and provide farmers with notifications on prevailing weather patterns, advisory alerts and best farming practices. It also aims to provide localised weather forecast for a given duration giving farmers details like temperature, rainfall and wind speeds and facilitate translation of climate information from English to local dialects via linking through a language database, thus complementing extension workers in providing advisory services relating to soils, climate and crops to be grown by rural farmers. The initiative will in addition provide knowledge and information on soil and climate through a mobile phone which then enables farmers take decision on the most suitable crop for any given piece of land and under the prevailing climatic conditions. At the same time, the initiative will build the capacity of farmers in the selected counties to effectively deploy the CIMA mobile app for agricultural production, land use planning and climate change resilience. In the process, it will form partnerships between communities, innovators and climate science providers, enabling learning and knowledge sharing.

Target Counties: Kiambu

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