Specific Objectives

 Creating awareness in 20 schools targeting 8000 children within Kajiado west by December 2016 Educating women| youth and elderly people on importance of climate information in relations to their livelihoods


Emayian  Organisation

Team Leader

Magdalene Kaitei


New initiative (startup)

Climate Information for the Maasai Pastoralist is an initiative to educate the Maasai community in Kajiado west sub-county on the importance of climate information in relation to their sources of livelihoods. The project will target the Maasai women, men, youth, children and elderly people to educate them on the importance of climate information and their usefulness on their sources of livelihoods. The project will carry out sensitization meetings targeting the above groups with climate information packed in simple leaflets and banners so that this community can make informed decisions in regard to her livelihoods. The initiative will utilize community structures like women and youth groups, churches, schools, chiefs, barazas and the Maasai council of Elders to disseminate climate information.

The initiative will also involve disseminating climate information to county stakeholder forums on environment and gender issues so that it can trickle down to their departments and beneficiaries. The initiative aims at helping the community members to make informed decisions regarding pastoralism which is their main economic lifestyle. They will understand seasons of restocking and disposing their livestock in order to make profit. Kajiado west is a water scarce area and this initiative will help the pastoralist excavate their wells and dams in the rights seasons in order to harvest rain water for domestic and livestock use. This initiative will help the women who are household leaders and managers prepare for seasons in order to prevent water borne ailments for human and other diseases for livestock that are specific to dry and wet seasons. The women will also prepare themselves in terms of getting stock for family food and feeds for livestock in preparation for the draught or floods seasons.

The initiative will apply strategies like community dialogues, schools children forums, awareness creation forums, radio talk shows and capacity building sessions. This initiative responds to the aim of Tekeleza of using climate information in helping vulnerable communities build their own resilience. This initiative will improve food security amongst the pastoral community reduce disasters related to climate especially during extreme draughts and flooding seasons and help the community in managing their scarce water resources to the benefit of their livelihoods.

Goal: Integrate local and scientific climate information and disseminate it to residents of Kajiado west with a view of building resilience amidst climate risks and challenges.

Target Counties: Kajiado

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