Cosdep S.H. Group

Team Leader

David Kogo



The initiative uses mobile phones to reach farmers in Uasin-Gishu County with effective climate information and advisory services to help them in decision-making in the face of increasing uncertainty, improve management of climate-related agricultural risk, and help farmers adapt to change. The initiative aims to enable farmers to receive daily weather forecast -up to one week ahead of time through their mobile phones. This will in turn help the farmers in timing of planting and harvesting. The farmers will also able to get accurate information for seasonal rainfall and temperature conditions through distribution of agro-metrological information materials (AMI). They will in addition be able to select crops and varieties for planting; make plans for livestock stocking rates and feeding strategies particularly in case of severe drought. In addition, farmers will be able to project future rainfall and temperatures and make decisions on major capital investment such as buying or expanding irrigation system of farm equipment and or decide whether or not to farm. Where appropriate, the project uses advertising in public places and extension volunteers and face to face interactions to communicate with farmers.

Target Counties: Uasin Gishu

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