Cosdep S.H. Group

Team Leader

David Kogo



Kenya, as most parts of the world has been adversely affected by the negative impacts of climate change which brings a lot of uncertainty especially in the field of agriculture over years this has resulted in reduce crop production and to an extent is currently affecting the livestock sector in most parts of the country.
Most small scale farmers are dependent on rainfall for crop production and are therefore vulnerable to reduced rainfall and accompanying moisture stress on the main crops which is maize and other cereals crops. The poor small holder farmer is particularly vulnerable to the impact of climate change fluctuation and weather extremes. Although farming communities in other parts of Africa and elsewhere have survived by mastering the ability to adapt to widely varying weather and climate conditions by using indigenous knowledge on climate shifts. Effective climate information and advisory services for farmers will help in decision making in the face of increasing uncertainty| improve management of climate-related agricultural risk and help Farmers adapt to change.

Target Counties: Uasin Gishu

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