ICT Center

Team Leader

Michaelina Almaz Yohannis-Mbathi



Information Communication Technologies have a role to play in Climate change Adaptation decision making by facilitating information dissemination. Climate change Adaptation is about planning and acting for a more variable and uncertain climate and to do this we take a gendered perspective in seeking to establish how intersectional variables like Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Climate Information (CI) can be matched and up-scaled in increasing our ability to tackle the climate change today. Therefore we must plan for greater flexibility in our ability to respond to changes in our future climate. Climate Information on projected weather conditions together with agronomic advisories is critical in enabling farmers to make informed decisions.

Innovative solutions to enhance access to reliable and usable climate information could mitigate the negative impact of climate change. A climate information mobile app. that incorporates the local FM radio stations that touches specifically on weather seasonal forecasts and Agro-advisories is a business strategy that uses climate information to provide weather based data on farm geo – location thus improves accuracy on forecasts. Our view is that the continued access to and use of such an app. offer diverse opportunities for rural communities to use timely and relevant localized climate information ( weather| seasonal forecasts| and agro-advisories) to enhance their livelihoods. With this| we aim to assist vulnerable individuals such as rural women who are faced with socio-economic and cultural challenges that dis-empower while at the same time exploit their labor to better tackle climate uncertainty and risk.

Target Counties: Kitui

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