ICT Center

Team Leader

Michaelina Almaz Yohannis-Mbathi



This initiative aims to assist vulnerable individuals such as rural women who are faced with socio-economic and cultural challenges that dis-empower them while at the same time exploit their labour to better tackle climate uncertainty and risk. This is through the use of a climate information mobile app. that incorporates the local FM radio stations and touches specifically on weather, seasonal forecasts and agro-advisories. This strategy uses climate information to provide weather-based data on farm geo – location thus improving accuracy on forecasts. Continued access to and use of such an app. offers diverse opportunities for rural communities to use timely and relevant localised climate information (weather, seasonal forecasts, and agro-advisories) to enhance their livelihoods. The community will gain access to critical climate information and be guided to make important decisions on the time of planting, type of crops to be planted, when to market their products, and when to avoid any of these. The Climate Information App shall help the women, girls, youth and elderly populations of Kitui County to extend the use of their mobile phones beyond their current use in social communication and cash transfer to facilitate interaction with information to mitigate against the harsh climatic conditions.

Target Counties: Kitui

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