Amugox Innovations

Team Leader

Alex Mugo


New initiative (start up)

AngaLine is an innovation aimed to close the gap between the producers of climate information and consumers. AngaLine will get information from the producers (meteorological department), put the data in defined standard and make it available on demand. AngaLine will simply act as a broker or gateway for climate information and thus whoever wants to consume climate information will no more need to go to the producer. The core business of AngaLine is to provide real time and reliable climate information. Communities that will adopt AngaLine will benefit from getting climate information at any time and the information will be in a consumable format. The main target communities are in Rift Valley region and Central Kenya, where many youths and women engage in agricultural activities but lack climate information leading to crop failure and big losses. By making climate information easily available and accessible, the communities will be able to make better and informed decisions on when to plant, harvest among others.

Target Counties: Unspecified

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